Tasmanian Association of Laboratory Managers


TALM Professional Development Day

Professional Learning Day

Thursday 24th November, 9.00 to 4.00pm

Ross Town Hall, Ross.

Booking link: https://www.trybooking.com/CDWEJ.

$45 for TALM members and $55 for non-members. Includes morning tea and lunch.

Program overview.

  • Workshops:
    • Fire Safety – understanding fire behaviour, how to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Includes practice session with fire extinguishers and fire blankets – Phil Sansom, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Brigade Chief, Ferntree Fire Brigade.
    • Routines for an Educational Laboratory – how frequently should I be doing what? – Janaya Banks, Laboratory Technician, Cosgrove High School, and Miriam McFarlane, Laboratory Technician, Taroona High School
    • Data Harvest Workshop: Amanda Lovett from MTA (Modern Teaching Aids educational supplies)

Breaking-down the barrier & simplifying electronic data collection and manipulation in Year 7-10 Science with simple, easy to run activities.  Enjoy hands-on experiments using data-loggers, including simulating car accidents to demonstrate how airbags reduce impact forces, investigating the forces involved in Gonzo’s bungee jumping adventure, the effect air resistance has on the velocity of falling objects and more! Curriculum-mapped experiments in stations around the hall for you to test.

  • Networking opportunities – meet, problem-solve and be inspired by your colleagues from around the state!
  • AEU and IEU Reps will be present late morning to inform us of industrial relations matters
  • TALM’s Annual General Meeting (elections of officers of TALM) and the Executive Meeting
  • Nominations for President, Treasurer, Vice Presidents (north, south and northwest) and Newsletter Editor please submit to me by 10th November
  • If you have any business matters for TALM that you wish to raise, motions you wish to put forward, or want to send your apologies, please submit them to me by email by Thursday 10th November
  • You must be a member to be elected to a position within TALM or to vote. TALM membership also allows you cheaper access to events we host.
  • TALM annual subscription for 2022 (for voting this year) or for 2023 of $35 booking can be paid now through the booking link.
  • Trade table: bring items of science equipment that you don’t need any more, but may be of use to others
  • Lucky door prize sponsored by MTA 😊

This event is organised by members of the Tasmanian Association of Laboratory Managers (TALM), all of whom offer their time, energy and skills in a voluntary capacity.