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TALM Mid Year Conference

TALM Mid Year Conference 1st – 3rd October 2018

Scotch Oakburn College Launceston








Day 1

  • Registration and welcome (Helix building – see Directory/Map attached)
  • Tour of ‘Helix Building’ Centre for Science & Mathematics – Scotch Oakburn
  • Seed/Plant Classification – M. Lawes, Launceston Christian school
  • STEM Technologies – C. Smit, Parklands High School
  • Nature/Wetlands walk – Scotch Oakburn Park – North Esk River
  • Underwater Adventures with Geoff Stubbs


Day 2

  • Tour – Tamar Valley Truffles
  • Lunch at Seahorse World – Beauty Point
  • Tour – You choose: Platypus House OR Seahorse World
  • Goaty Hill Vineyard – Wine Tasting ($5.00 pp paid on site) and cheese platters
  • Conference Dinner – Sporties Hotel – Bistro 6.30pm


Day 3

  • Industry Representative presentations – West Lab – Mark Burke, Scientrific
  • Science Assist/Seta information
  • Conasta sharing
  • Hands on Physics Demonstrations – William Hardman, Laboratory Manager, Newstead College: Rod Hutchins, Laboratory Technician, Launceston College: Geoff Stubbs
  • Chemistry Demonstrations – William Hardman, Laboratory Manager, Newstead College
  • Lab Technician sharing and networking

Click on link for more information and  registration details



Tasmanian Association Of Laboratory Managers

TALM Seminar and AGM

“The Grange” Campbelltown

Friday 1st December 2017


 Registration 9.30am -9:50 am

Session 1


Session 2

Demonstrations for the classroom

This is a practical demonstration session run by experienced Laboratory Technicians, to disseminate some practicals found particularly useful for science learning.

Session 3

Union meeting and briefing

Session 4

TALM Open Executive Meeting

Session 5

Bob Elliot: Classroom robotics

Bob teaches Robotics and Game Design at Claremont College and is the

on-line support teacher for the DoE’s Smartbots Gifted Online program

for primary students. He has six years on the Robotics Tasmania

Committee, helping to run the state Robocup Jr. competition. Bob helps primary students build and program Arduino robots using Scratch.

He also runs workshops for high school students and adults with no coding experience to build wireless Arduino sensors.

Seminar Close 3.00pm

Program Registration TALM Seminar 2017

Media Release from Science Education Technicians Australia & Australian Science Teachers Association

 The Media release below is a timely warning to make us more aware of taking  care in clearing away pracs from classrooms.
The experiment was  a senior chemistry demo only (using Bromine water, Cyclohexene and Cyclohexane) and was left in a fixed fume cupboard after the lesson. When the Yr 8 class came in next lesson a few students complained of the smell, had breathing difficulties and were sent to the office. As a precaution ambulance was called and took 6 students to hospital.
The room was evacuated. All protocols were followed in accordance with their risk assessment of the situation.
Students are fine and there were no serious injuries.

23 November 2017

MEDIA RELEASE: School laboratory safety: a vital issue

A recent incident in a NSW High School, where six students were hospitalised for chemical exposure, highlights the fundamental importance of laboratory safety in all Australian schools.

The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) and the Science Education Technicians Australia (SETA) strongly advocate for school laboratory safety. They recognise that supporting teachers and school laboratory technicians to safely manage hands-on activities will allow students to conduct real- life experiments. This will allow schools to deliver one of the key objectives of the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026, endorsed by Australian Education Ministers as well as implementing the science inquiry component of the Australian Curriculum.

In 2014, ASTA developed an innovative, national advisory service called Science ASSIST. Science ASSIST was established to address a critical need—teachers of science and school laboratory technicians require good quality technical support to enable them to deliver opportunities for meaningful, practical activities for their students. The aim of the service is to improve the safety in the delivery of practical work conducted in school science lessons and to improve the general safety of school science laboratories.

“Educational research and teacher experience all affirm that practical experience in experimental work brings science alive for students. Laboratory learning environments encourage much sought after positive learning behaviours such as independence, critical thinking and problem solving. Laboratory experience is an essential element in increasing students’ enthusiasm for science, and in improving Australia’s performance in international benchmarking in science learning,” said Geoff Quinton, President, Australian Science Teachers Association.

Science ASSIST is the only service of its kind in Australia. It is a dynamic portal that provides school science educators with information, resources and consistent, well-researched, authoritative technical advice on school science laboratory safety and procedures in line with relevant state and territory requirements (https://assist.asta.edu.au/). The Q&A function is heavily subscribed with over 350 questions asked by educators in the school education sector.

This national initiative is currently supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and was developed to complement the service, technical advice and resources for school laboratory safety provided by each of the state and territory education jurisdictions.

It is currently freely available to ALL Australian schools from ALL education jurisdictions and sectors in EVERY state and territory.

A hallmark of Science ASSIST is the dynamic nature of the content and the capacity to respond to emerging national school science safety issues. For example, our response to Asbestos in mineral kits where the Science ASSIST team was instrumental in the issue of a national health and safety alert by the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities.

Science ASSIST needs to be a part of every school STEM educators ‘tool kit’.

Geoff Quinton

Australian Science Teachers Association

For further information contact:
Vic Dobos, ASTA Chief Executive Officer, 0434 611 155

Margaret Croucher


Science Education Technicians Australia





CONASTA 66 Hobart Tasmania

CONASTA 66 Conference is a run by the Australian Science Teachers Association for  School Science Teachers and Laboratory Technician /Managers. Miriam Mcfarlane TALM’s representative to assist the CONASTA organising committee explains below.

Workshop and seminar topics suitable for Laboratory Technicians are listed in the attached flyer and there are other presentations that you will find interesting, I am sure.  I highly recommend CONASTA for the atmosphere, networking, workshops/seminars and food !

To register, go to CONASTA.edu.au and click on the left hand side on the overview of the program or the (= detailed) program to see what interests you before going into the registration process, which can take you some time (approx 30 minutes).

If you have any problems with registration, you can contact Louise Monge on communications(is a dancing llama)asta.edu.au or I may be able to help you, as the registration process requires a bit of patience, but CONASTA is really worth making that extra bit of effort for – you come away with a lot and get to hear some world-class speakers in the keynote presentations.

Early Bird discounts finish on 31st May. Additional discounts also apply to members of TALM* and schools with lab technician and teacher membership of STAT**, however this is a big conference, packed with options to choose from, so the price is about double the cost of TALM’s much smaller annual events. We are expecting about 500 delegates or more and I look forward to seeing some of you there.

* TALM = Tasmanian Association of Laboratory Managers www.talm.org.au

* STAT = Science Teachers Association of Tasmania www.asta.edu.au

Kind regards,

Miriam McFarlane

Member of = the CONASTA Organising Group (Laboratory Technician Representative)

TALM Presentations


Here are some photos  of  three of our members being recognised for the fantastic work that they do for TALM.

Annette McCarthy and Joy Arnott where awarded the June Whiteroad Award. This award recognises  members who regularly  participate and assist  in  TALM events.   Congratulations to Joy and Annette.

Judy Wilton was presented with the John Drake Award for 20 years service congratulations Judy.


Annette McCarthy  Presented with the June Whiteroad Award

by Andrew

Joy Arnott(left)Awarded with the June Whiteroad Award presenetd byMiriam


Judy Wilton (left) Presented with the John Drake presented by Miriam

Professional Development Opportunity on Hazardous Chemicals – Use and Disposal

Dates for each region

3rd April 2017 Hobart

5th April 2017 Burnie

7th April 2017 Launceston

Please note enrolments close Friday 17th March.

About the workshop;

The PLI has brokered a one day training workshops with Philip Crisp from Ecosolve Australia to deliver training for use and disposal of hazardous substances.  Philip is the co-founder of Ecosolve Australia, based in Sydney, NSW, and has developed a web-based risk assessment tool and runs ‘Safety in Laboratories’ courses for science teachers and science technicians in most states of Australia. The focus of these workshops will be training in using, managing and disposing of chemical hazardous wastes within school settings.

For more information click on the link below.


TALM Executive Committee for 2017

Congratulations to our new executive committee for 2017 they are as follows:

President : Colin Lawrence

Treasurer :Mel Gleeson

Vice Presidents South: Joy Arnott & Fiona Hay

Vice President North William Hardman

Editor website & Immediate Past President Andrew Hull

Non Executive positions

SETA Representatives Andrew Hull & William Hardman

Data Base Manager Janaya Banks

TALM CONASTA 66 Representative Miriam McFarlane


TALM Conference

The 2016 TALM Conference was held at Sorell School and Ogilvie High in Hobart from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2016.

On day one we enjoyed a tour of the Sorell School Farm, it was really great to see how committed  and proud the  students were as they  showed us around .This years conference had a strong focus on safety. We had a session on fire safety with David Arnott and sessions on laboratory safety  with Lisa Stevens  from RACI/ RMIT  and Gary Lebsanft WHS Consultant on days one and two. Two of our experienced Lab Managers Tanya Adams and Bill Hardman ran some excellent practical sessions. Tanya shared her passion for geology and Bill ran a hands on electrical circuit session. Both sessions ended with requests for more, so we are likely to see Bill and Tanya running future sessions. The last day of the conference was a highlight for me with the tour of the Menzies Institute and an interesting behind the scenes tour of the Mornington Refuge Waste Transfer Station. Well done to our committee for organising and running an excellent conference.




Love the labelling


TALM Conference



Monday October 3rd to Wednesday October 5th

Conference Highlights Day 1 Sorell School

Australian Curriculum: Science Overview – Peter Wright, Curriculum Teacher Leader – Science (Years 9-12), Department of Education

See a combined Primary and High School including a tour of school farm and Trade Training Centre

Fire safety training – David Arnott, Leading Firefighter, Airservices Australia

Overview of Lab safety courses that address Australian Standards – Lisa Stevens, OHS Presenter and Lecturer, RMIT Uni, Melbourne* Day 2 Ogilvie High School

Laboratory Safety workshop – Gary Lebsanft**, WHS Consultant, Injury Prevention Management

Geology workshop – Tanya Adams – Laboratory Manager, Ulverstone High School

Conference Dinner Day 3 Excursions, then Ogilvie High School

Menzies Centre tour

Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station tour and shopping opportunity in the Tip Shop

Electricity, Motors and Magnets: Hands on Physics – William Hardman, Laboratory Manager, Newstead College

Lab Technician sharing session More Details Contact Fiona Hay fiona.hay(is a dancing llama)education.tas.gov.au Joy Arnott joy.arnott(is a dancing llama)education.tas.gov.au Miriam McFarlane miriam.mcfarlane(is a dancing llama)education.tas.gov.au

The full conference program will be available soon *Lisa Stevens is an Industry Health and Safety Consultant in the School of Science at RMIT University and Chair of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Division the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). **Gary Lebsanft has a background in Industrial Chemistry.

Please Click on the link for full details and registration form.

TALM Oct 2016 CONF FlyerTALM Oct 2016 CONF Flyer


TALM AGM & Seminar 4th of December 2015

Here are some photos from the AGM and Seminar in December 2015.

One of the highlights of the seminar  was a presentation to  John Drake who retired after 54 years. John is a very unassuming person who doesn’t draw attention to himself, but is clever, resourceful and a wealth of information which he generously shares with his fellow Lab Managers.