Tasmanian Association of Laboratory Managers


TALM Awards


June was an enthusiastic advocate of this association. June participated wholeheartedly from inception in 1972 until just before her death in 1997. The June Whiteroad Award is made in recognition of consistent and prolonged participation in ¬†Association’s events.


This award honours John Drake, a long serving laboratory manager within the Tasmanian Department of Education. Commencing his career at the DoE Precision Tool Annex, John was responsible for producing the beautiful, robust laboratory equipment that has stood the test of time and can still be found in our schools. He accepted a school laboratory manager (technician) position after four years and the rest is history. After 54 years with the DoE we are still privileged that John joins us at our seminars and conferences where his vast experience is still highly valued.
If you are approaching 20 years of service please pass on your details to the TALM Secretary.
As an association we would love to be able to acknowledge and celebrate this milestone with you.